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Composer, producer, sound artist,
film and game music composer.                                          

Emil Sana is a half-French half-Finnish musician, composer, producer and sound artist, currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Sana is working with film and game music as well as sound design and sonic arts for a multitude of varying forms of projects (performances, installations, multimedia works...).


He has composed the soundtracks to many award-winning short films (Siiri Halko's Nesting and Katharsis OY, Max Ovaska's Carrier and Debt, Under Control, Varjojuhla...) featured in major international festivals and competitions (BAFTA student awards shortlist, Student Academy Awards Finalist, Jussi Awards Nominee, Clermont FilmFest, Tacoma Film Festival, Poitiers Film Festival, Helsinki Film Festival, Music&Cinema Marseille, Tampere Film Festival, Santa Barbara FIlm Festival...). 

He has scored the TV-series Pasilan Myrkky: Manni (season 1) released in 2024 on Ruutu, and is currently scoring multiple feature film projects (fiction and documentary) in Finland, France and in the U.S.

He has also worked on multiple commercials for various Finnish brands through his frequent collaboration with Helsinki-based Keksi Agency.

In 2021 he also became a member of the film sound post-production studio Muuntamo Sound Oy, where he collaborates closely with sound designers and music producers on various film, commercial and music production projects.

Sana also works with sound art and installations as well as production and songwriting for various album projects and artistic collaborations in jazz, pop and neoclassical music.

Some background:

Born in 1999, Emil entered the world of music at a very young age. Through his studies in several music academies in Finland, France and Belgium, he developed an unyielding enthusiasm for the art of rhythm and harmony. Sana's music has since drawn its inspiration from a diverse collection of genres, varying from impressionism and minimalism to jazz, ambient and electronic music.


Emil entered the distinguished Sibelius Academy of Helsinki at the notably young age of 17. There he matured extensive interests in various compositional techniques and sound art philosophies as well as recording arts and music production. Sana's most recent projects have taken place in the field of film music, in which he specialises in his studies.

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